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Spanish regulation of Transparency and protection to Financial Services clients.

SAC (Servicio de Atención al Cliente: Client Customer Service).

SAC addresses complaints and claims of customers, regarding the provision of services.
SAC acts independently from Operational and Commercial departments.

Filing complaints and claims.

How do you present them?  
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Admission of complaints and claims.

SAC shall acknowledge in writing receipt of complaints and claims, indicating the filing date.
There are some reasons for a complaint or claim not to be admitted. (Reasons for non-acceptance).



SAC will resolve the complaint or claim by means of a reasoned decision, within fifteen (15) working days from the date of filing, reporting the decision to the person concerned in writing within ten (10) days from the resolution.

Disagreement with the resolution or lack of response

Department of Market Conduct and Claims (Bank of Spain)

How shall be filed a complaint or claim?

  • The submission of complaints or claims may be made in person or through a rep-resentative, on paper or by computer, electronic or telematic means, provided that they allow reading, printing and saving the documents.
  • The procedure shall commence through the following form or by the submission of a document stating the following:
    • Name and address of the person concerned and, if necessary, of the person representing him/her properly accredited; ID card for individuals and data relating to its public register and tax identification number for legal entities.
    • Reason of the complaint or claim, clearly specifying the facts on which the decision is requested.
    • The department where the events, subject of the complaint or claim, have taken place.
    • That the claimant has no knowledge that the subject matter of the complaint or claim is being substantiated through an administrative, arbitral or judicial proceeding.
    • Place, date and signature.

    In addition to the previous documents, the claimant must submit any documen-tary evidence in his/her possession that substantiates the complaint or claim.

Where shall be submitted a complaint or claim?

Complaints and claims may be submitted to Customer Service.

- E-Mail:

- Postal Mail Onyx CenterSource Spain, S.A.

INSUR Bldg. Diego Martínez Barrio 10, 5th floor
41013 Seville, Spain

- In Person

INSUR Bldg. Diego Martínez Barrio 10, 5th floor
41013 Seville, Spain

For any regular production support questions, requests can be submitted by clicking on the ‘Contact us’ link placed on the top right corner of our web portal.

When can you file complaint or claim?

Complaints and claims may be submitted to Customer Service no later than two (2) years from the date customer is aware of the facts on which they want to present the complaint or claim.

Reasons for which a complaint or claim are not admissible

A complaint or claim may not be accepted for processing if any of the following reasons occurs:

  • When essential data is omitted to process the complaint or claim, including cases in which the subject of the complaint or claim is not specified.
  • When trying to process a complaint or claim, appeals or actions of which administrative, arbitral or judicial bodies are aware, or if the claim is pending of resolution or litigation or the matter has already been resolved in those instances. If SAC is aware of simultaneous processing of a complaint or claim, in an administrative, arbitral or judicial proceeding on the same matter, SAC should refrain from admitting it or, if it had already started an investigation, from continue it.
  • When the facts, reasons and request on which the issues in the complaint or claim are based, do not refer to specific transactions or do not conform to the requirements set out in Article 5 of this Regulation (for example, claims regarding working relationships between the entity and its employees)
  • When presented complaints or claims repeat facts included in other complaints or claims previously resolved, submitted by the same client in relation to the same events.
  • When the deadline for the filing of complaints and claims provided in this Regulation has elapsed.


Department of Market Conduct and Claims (Bank of Spain)

Customers of Onyx CenterSource Spain, S.A. who are dissatisfied with decisions taken by Customer Service or have not received a reply at the right time, can have direct access to the website of the Department of Market Conduct and Claims (Bank of Spain), where they will find the description of the process and its procedures.

Complaints, claims and any further information about financial services users regarding transparency and customer protection

Department of Market Conduct and Claims
Bank of Spain
Department of Market Conduct and Claims
c/ Alcalá, 48
28014 Madrid
901 545 400
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday, from 8.30h to 17.00h (except holidays in Madrid city)

Reference to the rules of transparency and customer protection in financial services.

Law 44/2002, of November 22nd, on Measures to Reform the Financial System, in which the Minister of Finance is empowered to regulate the conditions to be respected by the department or customer service and customer advocate, developed in order ECO / 734/2004, which aims to regulate the requirements and procedures to be met by department and customer service as well as customer advocate for Payment Institutions.

Order EHA/2899/2011, of October 28, on transparency and protection of banking services customers (BOE of October 29).

Order ECC/2502/2012, of November 16, regulating the procedure for filing claims before the claim’s services of the Bank of Spain, the National Securities Market Commission and the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds.

Resolution of April 27, 2020, of the Executive Commission of the Bank of Spain, on the continuation of the procedure applicable to the submission of claims and complaints, whose processing and resolution is the responsibility of the Bank of Spain, regulated in Article 30 of Law 44/2002, of November 22, on Financial System Reform Measures and in Order ECC/2502/2012, of November 16.