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The objective of this website is to provide information and facilitate access to the products offered by WPS.

Please read this Legal Notice carefully before you start to use the website. By using our website, you indicate that you accept the general conditions included in this Legal Notice and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree to them, please refrain from using our website. Also take into account that the web site, services, and these general conditions can be modified, so it is recommended to read them periodically. Any modifications will be posted on this site, whereupon they will come into force and be applied immediately.



The use of this website is free with regard to the public pages, except for Internet connection costs.

Nevertheless, the access to the rest of the pages is exclusive to WPS Customers, intermediaries or entities receiving outputs from WPS Services (hereafter, the Users). Some services provided by WPS through the web are subject to a fee which is fixed in corresponding contracts between WPS and User.



1. Without prejudice to what is said in the WPS privacy policy on the protection of personal data in relation to the possibility that the contents of the information might be unlawful, WPS does not have any control over and cannot be held liable for the truth or accuracy of any User information posted or for the messages passing between Users on its web site, with the sole exception of the information from services which are unequivocally generated by WPS. All Users are responsible for their information and processed data resulting from WPS Services on their behalf.

WPS assumes no liability for errors or omissions of the information or messages provided by or processed for Users, including what is posted on its web site. WPS does not warrant the contents of the information or messages posted by Users and under no circumstances will it be held liable for any loss which might be caused as a result of the aforementioned activities.

WPS assumes no liability for any technical or typographical errors which may occur on its web site provided that they are not due to negligent activity, nor does it assume other 3rd party errors or inconsistencies. 

2. By accessing and using the WPS web site, the User agrees to abide by and accept the Terms of Business of WPS Services supplied through this web site, and agrees to release WPS from all liability in respect of the information and messages posted by the Users.  

3. WPS does not guarantee that its web site will not suffer from interruptions or that it is free from errors.

4. Whilst WPS will use all the technical means available to it to ensure that information and messages can be transmitted and exchanged through its web site without infection, it will not be liable for any virus infections or any other code or defect which might contaminate or cause damage to the terminals, data or property of the Users. Each User is responsible for adding its own forms of guarantees and protection in order to meet or guarantee his or her particular requirements.

5. After Onyx acquired WPS and NTS, it has been the strategy to merge datacenters into bigger units to get improved service and security. From 1 sept 2016 we have moved to outsourcing the retention and storage of data to a datacenter located out of our facilities in Spain with a third-party service provider -4 HUMAN IT AS, a Norwegian limited liability company having its registered address at Stensarmen 16, 3112 Tønsberg, with company registration number 997 304 446 in Norway-, that will act as a Data Processor.



All companies having links posted in WPS Network received previously the corresponding authorisation by WPS. Notwithstanding the foregoing WPS assumes no liability for any technical, typographical errors or negligent behaviour which may occur accessing these links. WPS is not responsible for the content of any other site or for ongoing review of other sites.



Users acknowledge that the names and marks "WPS” and other WPS logos, program names, trademarks, service marks, manuals, documentation, contents, graphics, forms, indices and other formal expressions which are included on WPS Network, together with the computer programs on which the operation of the WPS Network is based and the actual visual form of the web pages and other support materials shown in this website or otherwise used in connection with WPS Services, are the exclusive property of WPS.  Users do not have and will not acquire any proprietary rights as a result of using this website, and Users shall have no rights to use such names, marks, logos, variations or titles except at the times and in a manner expressly approved by WPS. Users shall not publish or disseminate any material that violates any restriction imposed by WPS.

Any form of copying or reproduction of this web site and the computer programs referred to above is totally prohibited, save with the prior written authorisation of the owner of the intellectual property rights and without prejudice to any exceptions which may be laid down in the applicable legislation or rules.

It is particularly forbidden to engage in any act by which the Users of the web site, or other entities, regardless of the means by which they have obtained access, to exploit or make commercial use of the contents, graphics, indices and forms which form part of the site. By way of example and without limitation, it is forbidden to reproduce, distribute, exhibit, transmit, store in any physical, logical or optical form, digitalise or make available to third parties the aforementioned contents, expressions, graphics, indices or forms, or the computer programs which sustain the operation and visualisation of the WPS Network.



Users shall respond for damages caused to WPS as a consequence of failure to abide by the conditions established in this website.



Any claim or dispute in relation to conditions established on this website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish Law. If any differences relating to these conditions arise between Users and WPS, such differences shall be resolved through the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Seville, unless otherwise expressly agreed.